Pioneering probiotics for advanced dental hygiene

Luvbiotics® breakthrough bionet technology

is a first to market British innovation, developed by dentists and world leading experts in probiotic science to balance oral flora for a happier, healthier mouth.


Having a healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy lifestyle


Promoting good bacteria to balance oral flora and improve oral hygiene.


Designed with your wellbeing in mind for a more confident self-assured you.

The Luvbiotics Lifestyle Dentist, Dr Maria Papavergos

“Our mouth’s microbiome is in delicate balance, and our oral health is part of the balancing act of our overall health. My mission is to empower and energise people with the knowledge to nurture their own mouth’s microbiome and reap the rewards of overall health.  Luvbiotics products nurture this balance of bacteria in our mouths, making for a healthier mouth and a healthier body.  Luvbiotics’ message mirrors my 360 approach to improve our lifestyle for better oral health. Our philosophies are aligned with balance at the heart”

The Luvbiotics Lifestyle Dentist, Dr Maria Papavergos

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