The Luvbiotics Lifestyle Dentist

“Our philosophies are aligned with balance at the heart.”
Dr Maria Papavergos

Maria Papavergos is a forward-thinking dental and wellbeing expert who believes that the mouth is the gateway to the whole body.  Considering oral health as important as gut health, Maria’s mission is to shine a light on the importance of the oral microbiome and the emerging view of its role in full body health.  She works with clients to build a holistic picture incorporating diet and lifestyle factors when considering overall health and wellbeing from a dental perspective.

“Your mouth is linked to what is happening in your body and my aim is to empower people with the knowledge to make lifestyle and dietary choices that impact the mouth, teeth and gums, as well as systemic health, in a positive way.”

Having graduated from Newcastle Dental School in 2007, Maria went on to complete her Vocational Training in Edinburgh.  It was here that her path as a general dental practitioner developed in private practice, completing her MJDF exams with the Royal College of Surgeons of England and going on to become Clinical Lead of the practice.

Maria spent some of her undergraduate training abroad in Helsinki, Finland where she embraced the forward-thinking approach which was to become integral to her own philosophy.  Always inspired to make a difference and give back to communities that need it most, Maria has volunteered on the Amazon Hope ship, treating tribes in the Amazon Jungle, as part of the Vine Trust charity and has more recently volunteered at her local Urgent Care Centre during the coronavirus pandemic.

She lives with her husband and three (soon to be four!) young children on their working family estate in rural South West Scotland and is a huge advocate of sustainable living and a lover of the outdoors.  A practising yoga instructor, she recently launched her Aerial Yoga Studio at their Barwhillanty Estate where she hosts her ‘Raw and Wild’ retreats, encompassing her health and wellbeing ethos, championing the dental perspective.

We are delighted to partner with Dr Maria to raise awareness of the importance of a balanced oral microbiome and lifestyle for better oral hygiene and overall wellbeing.

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